At MILBURN MOUNTAIN DEFENSE LTD. Your Protection is our Priority


At MILBURN MOUNTAIN DEFENSE LTD. Your Protection is Our Priority. We offer top quality products that give you the confidence and security you need in any situation. All hard and soft body armor is made in Quesnel, BC, Canada and meets or surpasses NIJ Certifications.

From the everyday person heading out to the range, to an officer in the line of duty, everyone deserves the best protection. We pride ourselves on our products and top notch customer service, contact us today!

Why Do You Need It?

Body armor is one of the most basic and most important pieces of equipment that provides protection to the user. Ballistic plates cover critical organs, increasing survivability in the event of a bullet strike. There are factors you need to consider when buying one:

  • Your armor should fit your body so it can provide the right cover when you need it.
  • It should be comfortable and flexible so it will not hinder your movements on duty.
  • It must be made of quality materials to ensure your safety in different situations.

At Milburn Mountain Defense Limited, we make sure that our products fit these factors. Our Hard armor offers comfortable multi-curve builds.  We offer tactical and law enforcement gear such as plate carriers and pouches. Our nylon products have a lifetime warranty so we can replace or fix it if it comes with any defect. Our ballistic plates, made in Canada, have a 5 year warranty. We also do continuous testing and research and development to improve our products. All of our armor is tested to NIJ Standards and none of our armor plates or panels are made overseas.


Our Mission

We pride ourselves on being honest and upholding our business integrity. We do this by offering products that provide top-of-the-line protection and reliable customer service.

Milburn Mountain Defense Limited is a family-operated business located west Quesnel, BC by Milburn Mountain. We are also one of the few manufacturers of ballistic protection in Canada. Contact us today for inquiries and other concerns about our products.